3 Easy ways to Organize Your Life: Juggle Your Brilliance

Organize your life, Juggle Your Brilliance

Are you a professional multitasker wearing about 10 different hats? Well most of us women are. I have been running myself thin for years, so I completely get the constant hustle.  Today I am going to share with you the many hats I wear plus 3 Easy Ways to Organize Your Life,  helping you effectively Juggle your Brilliance.

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MotherhoodI’ve been a mother since I was 20 years old. I’ve always been a full-time mother and something else, rather it was a full-time student, worker, aspiring entrepreneur and more. I first hand understand the struggles of being a good mother or a strong woman and having the constant pressure of being good at everything else as well. Finding effective ways to be my best and do my best is always my number one priority. With good organizational skills, you can accomplish so much and more.


Entrepreneurship is hard all by its self, but trying to support a dream when you have a child to feed, Job or any other pressing obligations is just scary. It’s hard for me to accept not living a purposeful life, so the constant dream chaser in me is always kicking and screaming to be let free. Oh, yes and on top of us having an entrepreneurial spirit, most of us are holding down full-time Monday-Friday jobs in the meantime! That being said these 3 Easy ways to Organize Your Life is fundamental to your entrepreneurial endeavors.


Time to yourself rather it’s the gym, quite a time, self-development, etc,  is often hard to find when you are wearing many hats adulting. However, “your time” is so important. In all actuality, if you don’t take care of yourself then good luck effectively taking care of others. Here’s food for thought. When you get on an airplane you are told that if your flight were to go down and you needed oxygen please masks yourself first and then others! Why? Well because you are the glue that sticks all the precious pieces of your life together. 

and lastly…


I’ve been in a committed relationship for years now. It’s really hard balancing a relationship on top of everything we both have going on. Committing young can sometimes be challenging. Learning who you are, trying to come into your own, respect each other as individuals with individual dreams. Fortunately for me, we are now at a place where we can grow together. But still with that takes time and patience which I don’t always feel like I have.  That is why my 3 easy ways to organize your life are important to me and have been extremely helpful. I’ve shared some of the many things I have to juggle daily because I want you to know I get it. It’s crazy thinking about all that we have to do as adults and women, but we do it.

3 Ways to Organize your Life

1.Invest in a planner

This is something I highly recommend to everyone and anyone. I literally can not do anything without my planner. I constantly have a million thoughts running through my mind, with a jam-packed schedule, so needless to say If It’s not in my planner its pretty much not going to get done. Your planner is with you all year round so I suggest making it a good one. Get a planner that allows you to add notes daily, has a 30-day calendar for each month, and an additional note section to allow you to jot down random but important things and thoughts.  Here are two of my favorite planner types below:

2. Preparation

luck is when Preparation = Opportunities so lets considered ourselves lucky to have the ability to prepare! Preparation is honestly a vital part of the 3 Easy ways to organize your life. Having a planner is great, but if you don’t properly prepare it will do nothing for you. The nights I get everything ready for the day before is the days I shine. My nightly routine:

  • Review planner and update where needed
  • Prepare lunches for the following day
  • Prepare clothing for the following day
  • Shower
  • Mentally prepare (more in self-care)
  • Good Night!

This is what it looks like for me. How will it look for you?

3. Self-care: Me Time/You time

Being an amazing human is truly amazing but being amazing to yourself as well is important. That being said, this is why I believe in selfcare= Me Time. Taking time to yourself for yourself helps you grow, detox and reboot. Use this time to do something that makes you smile. Something that makes you better. We are all different, so what that means for me may mean something different for you. Here is what my me time looks like:

  • Self-improvement books and audiobooks
  • Podcast
  • gym
  • meditation and prayer
  • Gratitude journal

3 Easy Ways to Organize Your Life. Topshop Run DMC Logo Tee. ASOS Tight High Boots.

3 Easy Ways to Organize Your Life. Topshop Run DMC Logo Tee. ASOS Tight High Boots.

3 Easy Ways To Organize Your Life. Topshop Run DMC Logo Tee. ASOS Tight High Boots.

Get the Look:

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I hope you found this post helpful. I hope that you can start implementing these 3 Easy tips and start organizing your life today. Happy Friday!


Steffanie Monae’

3 Easy ways to Organize Your Life