No Commitments!

Today was definitely one of those days that since the weather could not commit, either could I! I originally was wearing sandals, however the beautiful city of SF was cold and overcast. Obviously not sandal friendly!!! My Valentino’s are my absolute favorite shoes for many reasons. They have the power to look elegant or causally chic when needed. Valentino’s paired with my Free People hoodie, changed up my whole look to better fit the climate… Happy Thursday!! 
~Steff Monae’
Jacket: Free People Denim Jacket. Blouse: HM(Old). Pant:J.Crew:(spring collection. new print)Floral Pant. Shoes: Valentino Punkouture Rockstud. Accessories: J. Crew. Lipstick: Mac Vivia Glam Rihanna RIRI.

“Do you Know what happens when you give a procrastinator a good idea? NOTHING!!!~Donald Gardner.
Make today Count!!!