Just Leap!

Starting a new business is hard work. So much thought, energy, sacrifice, dedication, etc, etc, etc, goes into owning your own. Rather you want to start a business or just try something new like a career change, do it! Being in charge of my life is always something I wanted. While it has been challenging, I would be doing myself a disservice if I never even tired. This blog is a perfect example of going out on a limb without knowing the outcome. I have taking a few hiatus (unfortunately), but I keep coming back until I get it right. A fashion blog is what I originally wanted, but I think a lifestyle blog best suits me. 

For those of you who do not know me personally, I am a mother and became a mother at 20. You would be surprise how many people treat such a beautiful gift as a disability. I was told I could not do so many things that I have already done because I was a young mother. I want to inspire women and uplift them. So no mater who you are or your circumstances any dream put in your heart is tangible. 

One of my favorite quotes is ” doubt is apart of the creative process”. Omg how true is that?! I doubt myself often but I am “a fake it to you make it”, type of woman. I think most of us fear what people think about us. What will be said if we fail? A better question to dwell on is what will they said if we succeeded? Faking it to you make it doesn’t only fool yourself but it fools the universe as well. What we put into the universe is what we get back. So literally putting your best thought forward is empowering and can be life changing. 

On the flip side some of us are afraid to succeed! Say what? lol, I know its a crazy thought but its true. With success comes much responsibility. Now people believe in you, look up to you, talk about you (good& bad… which people are going to do anyway, so get over!) and more. Man is the pressure on! But at the end of the day you are darned if you do and darned if you don’t so for the sake of yourself, just do! Don’t be afraid to be the best version of you! 



Top: Cotten on. Pant: JAYLA  http://www.shopjayla.com/. Shoes: Zara