Wake Up!

As I grow older I realize the importance’s of striving to be the best version of myself.  Each day I try to maximize my day, which often leaves me beat! Wanting to achieve my daily goals I am learning the significance’s of a realistic schedule. For instance, I am dedicated to working out at least 3 days a week. The only way working out fits into my schedule is if I do it at the crack of dawn ( which sucks)! Waking up super early and going to bed late is hard work, but many people do it so, so can I! 
As a mom, wife-ish (lol), and striving entrepreneur I must have my morning cup of Joe… (guilty pleasure). With the ongoing coffee controversy, yes I choose to believe that a cup a day is good for you! In addition to that I try to implement a healthy lifestyle… okay one more guilty pleasure confession.. me & CANDY, oh yea we tight! lol, I can hear my friends now! Any who, back to the good stuff; Brain Food! I try to fuel myself up with foods that are nourishing and wholesome to pull me through the day. Here’s my list of daily brain foods that contribute to my journey of becoming my best self!
1. Water (its pretty much all I drink)
2. Blueberries
3. Complex Carb: Oats,  Beans ( I love me Some beans! Full of fiber which is great!), Brown Rice & whole fruits just to name a few. 
4. Foods high in Protein: Lean meat, Fish you know that kind of thing.
5. Coffee (Yes lord!)
6. Eating until satisfied ( I can’t lie this is still a little hard. My better half has turned me into a food lover. He knows great restaurants and he’s a great cook!)
Hopefully my little daily tips can be of some benefit to you! Remember it only takes about 21days to break of form a habit! 
Steffanie Monae’