Design Your Life

Life is an ongoing battled. Learning who you are takes time. You have to go through the process of trial and error, defeat, criticism, self-doubt, etc, etc. Before you truly reach that point of knowing “self”. Once you know who you are the bigger question is, who do you want to be. What fulfills you? What mark do you want to leave on the world? And when you think of yourself, who are you? How do others perceive you? Not in the sense of being a people pleaser but in the sense of pleasing your “idea” self. I find it to be most beneficial when I keep it real with myself. You can’t change for the better, reach dreams and goals if you are in an untruthful/unfaithful relationship with yourself. So, be real with yourself. Be proactive. Stay motivated, positive, hopeful and start to design the life you want to live!