Origins Eye Cream Product Review

Looking for the perfect eye cream can be just as challenging as looking for the perfect jeans.  When wearing makeup one of the most asked questions is, “what foundation do I wear?”. When I am bare-faced, I am asked: “what facial products do I wear?”.  I won’t lie, I don’t have an extensive facial care regiment, however Now that I am maturing (lol), and wear way more makeup, I have begun to take it a little more seriously.

For the longest I was a monkey see monkey do-er. My sister has great skin, so I just used everything she used. Yep, well that got old, soon what worked for miss perfect skin (lol, in real like I adore my sister!) didn’t work for me. With the search of my facial product regiment, the trial and error process was on.  I’m a bit of a product junky, so the whole trial and error game, I’m more than willing to play… but for those of you who aren’t, I got you!
Let’s talk Eye Cream, which is vital. I don’t suffer from dark circle but damn Gina my eyes be puffy like Puff with no Mase Puffy lol! Honestly, I would take dark circle any day over puffy eyes cause you cannot cover that mess, more of the reason why eye cream is a must! For me at least.
Currently, I am using Origins GinZing eye cream. Here’s the thing, so far I think its cool. However, I won’t lie I’m not as consistent applying it as I should be. I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks. Do I see a difference? Well at first no, but now, Yes a little. Overall I don’t feel my eyes are as puffy and as far as dark circles go… I wouldn’t recommend. When applying the product, it leaves a little bit of a glow, which on my brown skin doesn’t necessarily work. This product illuminates more than it brightens and that’s why I say no for dark circles. It does feel slightly refreshing, though. It is also helpful to store it in the refrigerator especially if using as a de-puffer. In addition to this product, I like to apply a cold spoon or ice to my eyes in the morning to help with the puffiness.
Welp, I hope you found this quick product review helpful. Let me know if there’s another product out there that works miracles for your eyes so that I can try it! Have a blessed and VERY productive day you all!
Steffanie Monae’