How To Start Living The Life You Dream Of Today: Even The Smallest Steps Count

Last year a great devastation hit my family and honestly it took the life out of me. I just needed time to myself for myself. Although many obstacles and roadblock have since still come my way (And I’m sure this is true for many of us). I’ve decided to stop with the tomorrow attitude and get back to living life for today (lol,  and I do mean that in a responsible way!).

We often forget that tomorrow isn’t promised to even the purest of us. I’ve also never been the one to sit around feeling sorry for myself.  I pride myself on being very driven and proactive… I got ish to accomplish!

So, I hope for all that is reading this, goes out and make today the day of positive change. Even if its one simple thing that you constantly put off until tomorrow.  And when those obstacles start rolling in (and they will when you are as great as you are) dust that mess to the side and keeps strutting. Pain, sorrow, and storms only can last so long!
Steffanie Monae’







Blouse: Zara (A Part of Zara’s summer sale. Sorry but it sold out before I could post here is a Similar Style ). Skirt: Zara (and well.. Sold out, but here is a Similar Concept). Shoes: Zara (oldie but goodie. White pumps are everywhere, but if you’re in the market for a new pair I would get a Celine inspired pair in white or even silver will do). Glasses: Nordstrom BP