Why I’m So Jumpsuit Crazy

So Jumpsuit Crazy

Living in the Bay Area, the weather gets a little crazy. You never know if you are walking into the coldest winter ever or  A hot summer loving day! So, I am sure you all, like myself have a hard time configuring them stylish killer looks in preparation for the weekend, right? I know I do and it drives me Jumpsuit crazy. Heres a few reasons why I am so jumpsuit crazy and you should be too!

Being So Jumpsuit Crazy Works Well For Versatility

With the weather being so indecisive having pieces in your wardrobe that can go from hot to cold is important. With a jumpsuit, you already have the complete outfit you just need to add the finishing touches.

Cold weather jumpsuit combo  I enjoy:

  • Leather jacket + jumpsuit + Booties.
  • A longer faux Fux jacket +Jumpsuit + Booties.

Warm weather Jumpsuit Combo’s I enjoy:

  • kimono + Jumpsuit + Decretive slides.
  • Denim jacket   + Jumpsuit + Sneakers.

Jumpsuits can easily go from casual, dressed up, to downright glammed up instantaneously. And who doesn’t love or need that in their life! With all the different styles and cuts there are infinite possibilities to work jumpsuits.

Causal Jumpsuit Combo I enjoy:

  • Denim  + Jumpsuit (crop + wide leg) + Sneakers.

Dressed Up Jumpsuit Combo I enjoy:

  • Blazer + fitted straight leg jumpsuit + Block heel sandals.

Glam up Jumpsuit Combo I enjoy:

  • loose that jacket + sexy v-neck jumpsuit + Mule block heel sandals or a classic pump.

Personally, I Feel I Can Take Over The World In A Jumpsuit

Look, I personally feel I can take over the world in a Jumpsuit. It’s versatile and fitting for just about every occasion. I feel sexy and empower which is why it was my outfit of choice for a pretty amazing event I attended over the weekend…

The Power of Her Brunch

Over the weekend I attended a women’s empowerment brunch. The Power of Her, 3rd annual Brunch. I have to say this event was pretty awesome. There were so many beautiful women there.

The Power of Her Brunch

Why I am So Jumpsuit Crazy

Why I Am So Jumpsuit Crazy