Tea For Diabetes

Over the weekend, my daughter and I visited my sister in Dallas. While we were there, of course, we had an array of things to do (because my sister has a huge social life, lol)! One of the things we did while there was attend the American Diabetes Association tea benefit. It was such a great event! It was both fun and informative and actually right on time for me!

Something  I seriously have been wanting to change for a while now is my poor diet habits.  It uses to be good, but with the constant on the go workaholic, busy mom lifestyle I feel it has begun to suffer.   Weight control being a big reason but also wanting to live a life of abundance with great physical and mental health (and not to mention more energy throughout the day). After leaving this event I felt like Oprah… I had an “Aha moment”! A doctor who spoke said one of the greatest yet simplest statements, “The best way to cure a disease is prevention”! That really registered with me. She encouraged a plant base diet, now I don’t see myself going full out vegetarian but I have decided to go somewhere close! So Wish me luck!

The tea was also a great event for my daughter as well. I figured she would enjoy it but she’s 8, so I was not completely sure. However, the event was elegant and one of the things she enjoyed most on our visit. She loved dressing up and drinking tea with the ladies. Since it was a southern tea she also enjoyed seeing all of the women in their fancy hats!

Well, that’s it from me for today. It is a new day with new possibilities! I encourage you all to thrive for a healthy yet stylish life. Makes this day, week, month & year your best one yet!

Steffanie Monae’

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