Lets Get Real

This week has truly flown by, I can’t believe its Thursday already! I have so much going on its hard to stay focus at times. One of the most important things I am working on is refining my business plan and modifying goals, so I can better focus my energy towards grander successful.

It is easy to say encouraging, positive and uplifting things, but to live by it is a different ball game. I have been working on truly living the life I talk and dream about. I am a true believer that if you want to accomplish goals, you have to be real with yourself. Know your flaws and correct that mess. For myself, I know I lack focus and I hate to say it, but discipline. I will go hard for a while but the moment I see it is not what I envisioned… I am out of there! Not ok Steffanie! I don’t know any self-made or successful person who did not have to bust their butt to succeed. Even in the church they tell us faith without work gets us nowhere and trials and tribulations come to make us stronger.

I am challenging myself to life live to its fullest potentional. A healthy fit and tone body is attainable, a successful business attainable and anything else I may add to the list down the line is…  All Attainable. So, what is attainable for you? What uncomfortable changes are you willing to make in order to live a fullfilling life? If you see yourself living a certain lifestyle than work hard and get! Get real with your self and work on the things you know are hindering your success!

Steffanie Monae’




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