It’s the Weekend

The fact that it’s Friday is crazy to me! Where did this week go? Welp, it’s done and for those of you who Friday means something… Happy Friday! Lol no wait, Happy Friday to all but them 9-5er’s or mothers of school-age children… know what I’m saying! Mostly I work Monday through Saturdays and try to give myself Sundays off. I’ve always felt like Sundays are the day of fun, family and rest. This Saturdays, however, I’m taking the day off and guess why?

Yonce’! Oh yeah, I will be getting in formation at the Rose Bowl in LA! And I can’t wait! Seems like forever ago she announced her tour, and I have just been patiently waiting the day. So this is one of my busy, on the go looks of the week. I’m lightweight a soccer mom without the soccer lol! I pretty much run errands all day and work in the in-between times, so comfy, casual but chic looks are my go to during the week. Hope you like and if you’re going to see Bey this weekend, See ya there! 





Shirt: Nordstrom. Shorts: Zara. Shoes: F21
(older outfit, just an outfit inspiration)