How Formation Inspired me


Ok ladies now let’s get in FORMATION!!! Of course, it was everything as expected. Beyonce’ gave and continues to give me so much life. I admire her truly for so many reasons. After this weekend, I feel invisible, honestly. Beyonce’ is a product of hard work, dedication, persistence and more. She got me feeling so inspired going into this week, and it’s not even funny.  What a great way to start the week, let’s talk Bey!

Ok, the show, well we already know the girl can sang, but her sex appeal is everything. Her dance moves, everything, She is so damn sexy! She puts my fight for a fit body into full effect. Ok! No, but really, I think what makes her the hottest is her confidence in who she is as a woman.  This carefree Bey is most definitely a delight. She’s at the point in her life that I aspire for, that point when you not only know who you are but you are living in your truth.  Now that’s both powerful and liberating. Each day I am working towards being the women God created me to be, My best self.  
During the show, Bey performed Me, Myself & I and she discussed the importance of the relationship we have with ourself, which is the most important relationship you will ever have while on this earth. As I mentioned before the one person, I am most honest with is myself. I feel it is important to love, respect and uphold the relationship with one else. If not, how in the world can you be beneficial to anything or anyone else? You can’t leave your mark in the world if you are busy fighting yourself. I say, save that fight for all that negativity thrown your way throughout life.  As a mother, I understand more than ever the importance of the relationship I have with myself. My daughter’s life is directely affected by the way I carry out this relationship. If I want her to be health, strong and have self-respect, I have to demonstrate that through my own actions.  Me, Myself and I… and God is really an essential component in getting the most out of what life has to offer. Love, nourish and believe in you first, all of them other relationship will fall in place… I promise!


So, in the Works of Bey, “Keep running because a winner don’t quit on themselves” Happy Monday! Stay blessed, motivated and POSITIVE!

P.S I really wanted to showcase my outfit but in the midst of all the excitement I didn’t get many pictures. I’ll try to recreate the look and post it sometime this week!