What’s to be expected in a long term unwed relationship?


Relationships, When did it all get so complicated?!
You know relationships can be complicated when you can select, “It’s Complicated” as a relationship status on Facebook! LOL. In these days in time, we live together, sleep together, etc., etc., etc. With the cost of living being so high I feel we are more quick to cohabit than ever before. With the comfort of it all, we loosen up our grip and our demands towards commitment fall short.
Without true (by true I mean marriage) commitment, what’s really ok? 

Is it okay to combine finances?… Build each other up? Questions I often ask myself. As a single mother, I often feel conflicted. I do not by any means what to half ass my relationship but on the other hand, I don’t want to be a fool either!
That chip on your shoulder
Is it a hindrance on the relationship if not all in? Uh… of course it is lol. The question of trust is raised. You have to trust your partner will do right by you. Or do I?
People shit on their loved ones often! So, to answer the question of a chip on the shoulder. Well, I’d rather call it careful. The real truth of it is that until marriage you are “considered” single. Now do I think I’m single? Absolutely not! I love my honey, but the truth of the matter is until my left hand is shining… I love me more!
I don’t want to act like I’m not in it to win it because I am. However, there are still topics above my comfort level that I know if I were to release this mentality we as a unit would be further along.
So, I ask you…
What’s your take on this topic? Very curious to know. As I said, I’m always open to new prospectives and points of views. That’s what keeps us wise!
Steffanie Monae’


About The look
As yall knows during the week, I am hitting the ground running. I am always trying to put looks together that are functional but cute! Also with my extra love weight, black is my new friend while I work it off. This dress use to be a little looser, which I don’t know if that’s good or bad. There have been a few perks of gaining a few extra pounds! lol. Also in the Bay area, the weather is moody! It will go from hot to cold quickly, so I never leave home without some type of jacket!
Dress: Cotton On (older). Jacket: ZARA. Shoes: ASOS. Accessories: simple,  I’m sure something cute and trendy I grab from F21.