Fashion Tips: Crop it!


Make that crop top work for you.
Of course, Crop tops are still trending. We just can’t get enough of them. So since it is a reoccurring trend let’s make it work for us all!
As I mentioned previously I am working on getting my body right (however I did eat brownies with the kids over the weekend). Needless to say, when it comes down to my body… I am aware of the extra tummy love I am rocking! Being a lover of fashion and keeping up with the trends, I try to find ways to make some of my favorite styles work for my body type.
 So let’s talk about how to make that great crop top work at any size!
Tips & Tricks

  1. High-waisted bottoms. For those of us who haven’t reached our flat stomach goal just yet (because I know we will) meet that crop top half way! A high-waisted bottom that covers the belly button always works magic for me. They have the tendency to elongate the body, which can make you look slimmer. It eliminates the amount of belly exposed. For women with a lower pouch, this is a great option.
  2. Longer length crop tops. Now you can buy a “Crop” top that is slightly longer than your bra, or you can find the longer ones that hit right before your belly button. In this look, honestly this length is a little risky for my current belly situation (lol), But I worked it out!
  3. Prints! Some prints will insinuate that belly or hide it (yes Lord!). So when choosing prints on the bottom half (this applies to high-waisted too) go for bigger prints over small. Larger prints give off a slimming effect because of less repetition which causes the tummy area to appear flatter!
  4. Fabric choices. Have you ever worn a tight skirt and thought, I’ll just throw on some spanks? Well, some times that doesn’t work,  not with a crop top at least. In most cases depending on the material the spanks will just push the extra fat upwards… No good! So, when wearing crop tops fitted is good but too fitted or tight can lead to a disaster. Try to look for forgiving fabrics.
  5. Flowy and flirty VS. Tight and sexy. A flowy blouse is always ideal for concealing that tummy. I will say even myself depending on my bra I can sometimes appear busty so be mindful of that when going the flowy route. Tight and sexy… can work depending on how and what you decided to pair it with.
Hope you find these tips helpful. Check out my Pinterest for some added inspiration!
It’s Monday yall and oh how we love Mondays! Why? Because A. God blessed us with another beautiful day and B. A fresh new perspective! Leave yesterday’s and last week’s drama in the past! Have a great and productive Monday!
Steffanie Monae’
About the Look:
This is a fun, flirty high-low crop top. I paired this look with high-waisted pinstripe denim jeans. It was a somewhat cold day, so I knew my jacket wasn’t going anywhere which is what I intended. The all black on top helps to add a slimmer look. Also, the verticle stripes jean help elongate my bottom causing me appear a little slimmer.
Top: F21. Bottoms: Nordstrom (Similar). Jacket: Nordstrom. Shoes: Steve madden