Pretector of Peace

Are you protecting your peace?

This topic is dear to my heart. Life has many negative things to throw our way, yet how we decide to handle it is the real test.

The older I get, the more I learn the importance of peace of mind. You get to a point in life where it is only beneficial for your well-being to eliminate toxicities. Living life and trying to reach goals is ass kicking enough, You don’t need the people in your immediate corner (or life in general) kicking you as well.

Begin to filter
I think it is equally important to eliminate yourself from negativity, but let’s get real it’s not always that simple. Learning to control what you let in is critical. This is something I am still working with. Just this week I fell victim of allowing someone to get a reaction out of me. As I think back, I am the only one to blame, and it is us who determines what we let in. Not every situation deserves a reaction, in most cases the lack or a reaction is most powerful. The saying, “learn how to pick and choose your battles”, is truth. I have learned not every battle is worth the fight. Knowing how to filter situations is game changing.

Creating a peace box
I was listening to one of my favorite Pastors a while back, and he talked about your “Place for Peace”. Since then I have been working on strengthening what I like to call my “Peace Box.” It’s my safe place. It’s the place that no matter what obstacles, trials or tribulations I may face the adverse effect of them aren’t allowed in my peace box.

Being at peace with yourself is uplifting and empowering. I know that whatever comes my way is just some trick of the enemy trying to deter me from the greatness I know is in my heart and future. I hope that everyone can find peace within themselves as they journey throughout life. Try not to let negative people or situation still from your box. We are all human, so no one is expected to be perfect. S**t happens, I am just here to encourage you to keep fighting and to protect your peace while doing so!

Happy Thursday!
Steffanie Monae’





About the Look:
This is actually a jumper! I love it because its sexy but settle. I feel comfortable in this look without feeling overly exposed. I paired a denim jacket with this look because it really helps dress it down. I mostly wear this look a little more jazzed up, so I thought pairing it with a chunky heel helps give off that more dressed down feel.
Jumper: Urban Outfitters (but it’s older). Jacket: Zara. Shoes: F21(last summer)