The Most Effective Change Equals Growth

“The only thing constant in the world is change.”

How do you become a better person if you are not willing to change?
I love to self-reflect. When I think about the things in life that I long for but don’t have, instead of pointing the finger towards others I look towards myself. When things aren’t going according to “Plan” it’s time to self-reflect! I feel what you put out in the world is what you get back. Your actions have to reflect your desires. I can want a successful blog, marriage, etc. all I want, but if I am not putting forth the effort, and open to change, those desires will never come alive.

Situations that is hardest to implement change
I know for sure that in a relationship change can be one of the hardest things to implement. I never suggest changing for anyone else unless it is a change in a positive direction. That is why self-reflection is so important. When you’re real with yourself, you know where the change for growth is necessary. When it comes to relationships, I feel it’s important to want to be a blessing to each other. So if changing something (without losing yourself) will bless your partner, I say go for it.

What happens if you are the only one changing? Guess what; you will eventually outgrow that person or situation. But the blessing in that is you have grown tremendously for your next blessing!

The purpose of change is to become your best self.
I wouldn’t worry too much about others when working on yourself. Positive change is growth and growth opens the door for all type of beautiful opportunities.

Happy Friday! Do something different today,  something that demonstrates your change in a positive direction. And remember Happiness starts within, you want something to change start with you the rest will fall into place. Growth is what causes things to blossom. Change = Growth.





About the look:
Well, it’s pretty simple. I went with all black because its chic and slimming! I love to meet a good crop top half way of course, so that is how this look came alive. Also, I am not that in love with my arms, so this lightweight coverup Kimono worked out well for the mild weather!

Top: Topshop Similar . Denim: Topshop. Kimono: F21. Shoes: Nordstrom