How to Rock Wide Leg Trousers

How to Rock Wide Leg Trousers?

First off, Happy Memorial Day! In light of the Holiday, I wanted to wear something somewhat patriotic (hints to the white and blue, just missing the red… Unless my shoes count?).

Wide leg pants are a trend that is growing increasingly more and more popular. You can see them worn both casually and dressed up. Wide leg pants is a trend I enjoy. I want to share how I like to rock them and some of my favorite ways to see others wearing this modern style.

The Love We Share Is Real
I love wide leg pants because for me they have a bit of a slimming factor (when worn correctly), and yall know I’m all about it. When wearing high waisted wide leg pants not only do I look and feel leaner, but they also make my Butt look great… more like fantastic (lol, kidding…NOT!).

Those Heels Were Made For Walking
For women who weren’t blessed with long legs (myself included), high waisted wide leg pants are our friend. But here’s the thing to really get the slimming effect you have to pair the pants with heels (or any shoe that offers height) to help elongate them legs.

Flats are Perfection
Women blessed with long legs; I love to see these pants pair with flats. I love a good pointy toe flat but depending on the weather flat sandals (but fun) work too.

Prints, Prints, & Even More Prints!
I love a good print, especially in the Spring and Summer. Adding a fun print brings so much life and personality to these pants.  Since wide leg pants already have so much character, why not bring your perspective to the trend with a print that represents your personality. The prints we choose to wear says a lot about us!

Pairing the right top
I love viewing street styles. Some of the creative ways people pair these tops are inspiring. My favorite top 3, top options to pair with wide leg pants are:

  1. Of course, my first choice is… with a crop top (when the pants are high waisted). I am digging the boho look, so a flowy crop top with wide leg pants… Sexy and Flirty.
  2. Graphic Tees. Like I said I am here for great street style, so seeing wide leg trousers paired with a graphic tee is chic, unexpected and, well… It rocks.
  3. The “Tuck In”! Wearing a sexy or cutesy blouse tucked into wide-leg pants is always a classic look.
I hope you find this helpful! Check out my Pinterest for more inspiring ways to rock your wide leg pants this Spring and Summer!

Steffanie Monae’





About The Look:

This Memorial weekend has been crazy. Feeling a bit overwhelmed I literally look to fashion to uplift me. This top always reminds me of a good time. It makes me feel happy. As I said, I love to mix a crop with a high waisted pant, so I did. These pants feel freeing. I just love how they blow in the wind. Every feeling of worry blows away as the wind blows. Lol, deep huh? Yep! Fashion for me has always come from the soul. I hope you enjoy and most importantly have a fun and safe Memorial Day!

Top: Jayla. Pant: Jayla (unfortunately, Jayla is under construction.). Shoes: Christian Louboutin. Necklace: J. Crew