New Years Resolution 2018: Do You Still Have Your Sh*t together?

Setting Goals and sticking to them in 2018!

Is it really 2018, already? Yup sure is! A new year always feels so inspiring but the real task is keeping the spark alive. Most of us set New Year Resolution goals with hopes to stick it out and accomplish them with our  “fresh new” start and all (I know I do). Now, a week into the New year, do you still have your sh*t together? How’s the gym coming? Eating Healthy? keeping up with those career goals? Are you? Well, I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but my birthday is actually when I kick start my new year resolutions and I use January 1st as my half a year (in all actuality a 6months and a week later) check-in. So let’s check IN shall we and see just how well I’ve done thus far… I’ll tell you now, I’ve failed, miserably lol! Here are the goals I set for myself below:

1. Taking blogging more seriously.

Well, this one is always a struggle. It’s not that I don’t take it seriously or even love it wholeheartedly but It’s more so life really happens. I’m a young mother of a beautiful and thriving preteen and I’ve always felt like I’m playing a game of catch up. You know that feeling when you finally think, “ok, I got this”, then you get kicked in the face, no, F that, the teeth! lol, well that’s me more often than not. However, I’m not the one to make excuses or even feel bad for myself as far as that goes. So I say, I just need to do better! I’m only playing myself by not making time for one of my passions. One thing is for sure, there will always be a reason why it’s NOT a good time. I’m choosing now to be the only time!

2. Starting a YouTube channel.

Lol, I’m just a “punk B” and that pretty much sums it up. Yes, I’m super busy and it is a very time-consuming business venture (as all are), however, the biggest issue is a mixture of procrastination and fear. Or maybe its procrastination due to fear? I don’t know! But up until now, I have found every reason why not to get on youtube and I know its important especially if I want to take my career goals seriously. So, big ups to courage and getting stuff done in 2018!

3. Getting my body in top shape.

So I have to be completely honest with yall. I am the most out of shape I have ever been in life. The older you get the harder it is to get back into the groove (yeah, yeah, yeah I know another excuse!). At one point I was working like crazy and to be honest being healthy and working out just wasn’t something I was interested in. Healthwise, I eat way too much sugar. It is something I want to remove completely from my diet in 2018. For those who really know me are probably saying, “good luck homie” because I and candy are definitely well acquainted. However, some things just have to change, so once again cheers to good health and a Fit ass body in 2018! Don’t believe me… Just watch! #BrunoMars

So, in conclusion. It’s time to get my Shit together. I revised my vision board which is really an important step in accomplishing goals (personally). I also just feel different about the importance of reaching the goals I’ve set for myself this time around.  There’s been a lot of change going on in my life and I just have that feeling in my heart, you know the one? The “I got this” feeling! So hey, Whats your Goals for the New Year? I would love to know. Comment below.

Here is one of my looks over the weekend. Be great and make everyday count!


Steffanie Monae’

Denim dress, floral blazer covered with red belt, Bronze Christian Louboutin with red sparkle socks.

Denim dress, floral blazer covered with red belt, Bronze Christian Louboutin with red sparkle socks. side profile

Denim dress, floral blazer covered with red belt, Bronze Christian Louboutin with red sparkle socks. IMG_0455_Facetune_07-01-2018-21-41-54IMG_0452_Facetune_07-01-2018-21-42-54

About the look:

Jacket: Zara (Similar). Dress: From my Online pop-up shop. Shoes: Christian Louboutin (OMG even better).  Socks: Nordstrom (Here). Belt: F21. Glasses: Nordstrom BP.