Adidas Supergirl Track Pant Worn Luxe

Adidas Track Pant Worn Luxe

The sportswear luxe trends is a popular trend growing increasingly popular each day. Its crazy to think that you can be chic in sweatpants, but with fashion anything is possible. Right now the possibility is Sportswear worn in a cooler way. One of my favoriet sportswear pieces is the Adidas Supergirl track pant. I wear Adidas track pants often. They are great for running around, being a stylish mother, as well as a dressed up looks when hanging out with the girls. Although the Adidas Supergirl Track pant is my favoriet there are many other Adidas pants I’m crushing on… well as long as they have more of a tapered fit.

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Adidas Supergirl Track Pant

I own this pant in a few colors, black probably being my favoriet because it’s most versatile ( Next week I will showcase a killer look in my black Adidas). However, the look in this post is dear to my heart. I love the fit and color. An oversize shirt that doesn’t make me look big or boxy is my Friend.  In this post, I show you my two favoriet ways to wear this look. I also wear it with sneakers but honestly… I don’t feel as glam in sneakers. Yes I know they are in style and my feet are very thankful but outside of work… sneakers just aren’t my go too. See look below.

Look 1:

IMG_1213Adidas Supergirl Track PantsAdidas Supergirl Track Pants

Get the Look:

Simple and chic. These sandal pumps and leather jacket are staples in my wardrobe. I’m always throwing them on with a cool no stress fit, so It was fitting to pair it with my Adidas Superstar track pant and top.

Shirt: <a href="http://“>Adidas. Track Pants: Superstar Track Pant  <a href="http://“>Adidas . Leather Jacket: old but here’s a <a href="http://“>Topshop one I like. Shoes: <a href="http://“>Steve Madden

Look 2:

Adidas Supergirl Track PantsAdidas Supergirl Track PantsAdidas Supergirl Track PantsAdidas Supergirl Track PantsAdidas Supergirl Track PantsIMG_1177

Get The Look:

Okay, I am partial to this look. This is true sportswear gone Luxe and I pretty much love it. It’s my go-to when I want a more cool street style look. This look elevates my style and to top it off it’s a comfy outfit. Cute, comfy and functional, a girl’s best friend.

Shirt: <a href="http://“>Adidas .Track Pants: Superstar Track Pant <a href="http://“>Adidas .  Jacket: <a href="http://“>Topshop.  Shoes: Asos.


Happy Friday Y’all. I hope your weekend is filled with love, fun and safe endeavors. Peace and love y’all until the next blog post!


Steffanie Monae’