3 Helpful Ways To ​Peace Be The Journey

Are You Living a Peaceful Life?

Are you living a peaceful life? Or like most of us, is the struggle real? Day in and Day out there are about a million and one distractions trying to steal our peace. For a while now I have been on a true journey to peace. What this means for me is protecting my peace at all cost. With this post, Peace Be The Journey, I will share with you my 3 Helpful daily practices used to protect my peace, and strive to live a life filled with more joy or in other words my best life!

(Quick disclaimer… I am not perfect so let me emphasize “Strive” to live a life filled with more joy and peace.)

Know How to Identify Triggers

At the end of the day, we are all human. Living a peaceful life will never happen if we continue to surround ourselves with people, stuff, and things that are joy suckers. Know your triggers and eliminate the toxicities in your life! A journey to peace is a marathon, not a sprint. I cant tell you how many times I have fallen off the peace wagon. There will be days when living in peace is much easier than others, just keep at it. We are blessed with a new day every 24 hours, so make them count. If you have to start over every single day,  do until you find your peace. I promise you, it is so worth it in the end!

Meditation, and Yoga

I’ve spoken about this a little before in blog post, 3 Easy Ways to Organize Your Life.  I recently started meditation for a few reasons. One being to quiet my mind and get more in tune with my mind, body (through yoga) and soul. I am also a very spiritual person who talks to God daily probably all day long, to be honest, and I wanted a space where God could make things clear to me. With meditation, I feel an overwhelming sense of calmness.

Yoga has been great for me to just unwind, relax, breathe and stretch. It is a great stress reliever (for me). I have constant tension in my neck and shoulders, however, I notice when I practice yoga there is less tension. Less tension mostly means less stress which adds to my peace of mind.

Zara voluminous Blouse, Topshop Jamie Jean.

A Gratitude Journal

It is easy to go down a downward spiral of negative thoughts. Taking time to focus on what’s good in our life by practicing Gratitude is helpful. To be honest, practicing gratitude took time for me to appreciate fully. When things aren’t going the way you want, it is sometimes hard to see the good, but there is so much power in being content through the storm. Hard times are the times we grow the most, so find your peace, and enjoy throughout it all. Once the storm has passed you will be much more grateful.  You will also have your gratitude journal to attest to just how strong you really are.

I am also a woman of faith, So my gratitude journal is a great way for me to declare future blessing over myself and families life. For instance being thankful for my father’s good health, is something I will never stop believing in and expressing gratitude towards.

Peace Be The Journey Conclusion

What we put into the universe is what we get back. So be sure to speak positively about your life. We all have negative thoughts, which is fine and normal. Just don’t breathe life into them. There is so much power in the tongue. Try not to complain out loud. My advice is to declare faithfulness out loud and pray in silents for the not so favorable things happening. Or you can journal. Whatever outlet works best! Just continue to do and be your best!

I have to leave you with a little bit of fashion because it is the heart of this blog.

Peace Be The Journey3 Easy Ways To Peace Be The Journey

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Can you believe it is already Wednesday? Well, Happy Wednesday! I do hope that this blog post helps and change’s at least one person’s outlook over their life. I love to grow, inspire and become a better human in anyway I can. Let me know what you think of this post by commenting below. Have a powerful week and best wishes until next week!


Steffanie Monae