A Letter To My Younger Self

The Letter To My Younger Self: If we knew then what we know now 

If I could have a dollar for every time I hear someone say, If I only knew what I know now when I was younger. Well, don’t we all?. But God has a funny sense of humor. If we knew it all from jump there wouldn’t be growth or change and change is what makes our world beautiful.  With that said, I thought a letter to my younger self would be fun, If only I knew then what I knew now, blog post.

The why behind, The Letter to My Younger self

As a mom to a young girl, I am always trying to educate her on how to make good life decisions with hopes and prayers that she actually hears me. I am an old soul and have always been. I never thought I was a child and I always thought I had it all figured out. So as far as people and their advice, I wasn’t trying to hear it because I already knew it all. And oh boy, was I wrong. I just hope that’s one thing she doesn’t take after her mom.

A letter to my younger self is a fun and humbling experience for myself. This Gives me an opportunity to self-reflect and continue to grow as a woman. I will say I am a lot more open to change and receiving advice from all those that are wise.

Letter to my younger self.

Hey Steff,

There will come a point in time when you feel you have it all figured out, but you don’t just yet. I am writing you to tell you when that time comes, choose you. In life, you only have a small window of opportunity to be selfish, so please do. You’ll want to move away for college, do and don’t let dad talk you out of it. Who cares that DC is cold! Get you a down jacket and a big coat! Don’t be afraid to leave people behind because I promise you, it will be the best thing you could ever do.

Never be afraid of change, God has intended it for your grow. College is going to be a great opportunity to meet new people and experience life-changing events. Have fun, be free (but not too free buttercup). Really think about what you want to do in life, spend your time indulging in that career, own it and make sure it makes you a decent living. You don’t ever want to need someone else, God blesses the child who has her own.

You know what you want and you always have. Trust your instincts and remember the morals that have shaped your life. Expect and accept only the best. Children are a blessing from God. Wait to share that precious gift with your life partner. Someone who is like-minded, and equipped to be a teammate, mentally, spiritually, financially and physically. You deserve only that, and your future children will as well. Remember moms advice to find a man who loves you more than you love him. A women’s love will always run deep so you’ll never have to worry about the love between you and your partner not being equal because it will. Happy life, happy wife, If you meet a man who challenges that saying, run girl and don’t like back, lol. He’s not the one for you and you don’t have time to waste, life is far too precious.

Lastly, cherish your family, especially your parents. You just never know how long God will bless you with them. Embrace their love and their flaws. Use your time with them as a time to add shareable, laughable and lovable memories to your journey, so that you can bless your own children with the beautiful memories of them. Never stop giving life your all, never stop loving your self and always be truly your self!



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I just want to share that this post was probably the hardest one yet. It’s hard to admit your faults out loud. It’s also hard to admit things you would do differently if given the chance because one of those would mean me not having Jay and that little girl is my heart and soul. This post isn’t about regrets its about lessons well learn. As a mom, I can only hope I am raising a daughter who has the knowledge, confidence, and courage to be her best self. What parent doesn’t want their kids to be 10 times better than them? So I have to set the bar high!

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“I’m thankful for my struggles because without it I wouldn’t have stumble across my Strengths.” ~ Alex Elle

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