Mommy and Me Edition: Smell The Roses

Smell The Roses

Are you taking time and smelling the Roses? By that I mean are you taking time to enjoy life’s beautiful moments? This post, Mommy and Me Edit: Smell The Roses,  is about me taking time to “Smell the Roses” getting present with the now.

I have many great people in my life that I am so grateful for. Spending time with my loved ones is high on my priority list, Especially the little lady God has blessed me with to nourish and groom into women.

Why Smelling The Roses Now Are Important

I’ve become a pretty business per usual mother. We have fun together with our mommy and me time but for the most part, she is on a strict schedule similar to my own. She and I have a lot to do, with what feels like never enough time to get it all done. However, as I grow and become more in tune with my body and spirit I am learning the importance of balance. So no, every day and every move do not have to be a power move. Where is the fun in that? I want her to look back at her childhood and remember our journey together with joy, empowerment and a loving smile. The time to do that is now, no more waiting for your tomorrow.

The Big Surprise

My daughter is definitely my child. She has wanted to visit the Museum of Ice cream since Beyonce and Blue did last Mothers day. When I got the news the Museum would be gracing SF I was all over it, but baebee getting them tickets were something serious. Once I finally secured the bag (lol), I kept it a secret for two months. The suspense was killing me.


We visited the Museum of Ice Cream on a school day. I picked her up from school early to do lunch at our favoriet burrito spot, Gordos. After lunch, I gave her, her “Outfit Of The Day”. Being my twin is her absolute favorite, so I figure I will embrace it while she still thinks her mom is cool lol. At this point, the Suspense was now killing her. She had no clue where we were going. On the way, we played the guessing game and she completely bombed. When we arrived at the Museum of Ice cream her face was priceless. It lit up like a light and that melted my heart. Moments like this is when the Roses smell so sweet.

Museum Of Ice Cream Outfit IdeasMuseum Of Ice Cream Kids Outfit Idea Museum Of Ice Cream Kids Outfit Idea Museum Of Ice Cream Kids Outfit Idea

About the Look:

Jacket:<a href="http://“>Adidas Windbreakers. Top’s: Target. Denim: Topshop (Mommy), Hudson (Jay). Shoes: Adidas.

Final Thoughts:

Joy is both powerful and important. It is Friday which means the weekend for most of us. I hope after reading this post you all go out and find joy in the present. Take time to smell the Roses and do something that makes you smile!


Steffanie Monae

Museum Of Ice Cream