Go Out kicking and Screaming: OOTD

Happy new week!

Ready or not, here comes another one! For myself, I am going through many transitions. Preparing my mind and spirit for the week ahead is very important. Devotionals, calendaring, podcast, inspirational books and all the other things I use to organize and uplift myself, all play a major part in keeping your girl on her toes.

Go out kicking and screaming

I’ve titled this blog post, Go Out kicking and Screaming because as mentioned, new things are going to arise regardless. When they do, we just adapt, adjust and keep moving forward. It’s cool to scream and get angry. Or cry a little when you’re not feeling your best. But, always try to dust yourself off, get up and keep fighting that good fight! If you have to do it Kicking and screaming, who cares!

You’re Allowed to scream, You’re allowed to cry, but don’t allow yourself to give up. – Unknown 

About the look

kicking and screaming: Topshop Denim Jumpsuit
kicking and screaming: Topshop Denim Jumpsuit
kicking and screaming: Zara White Mules

Get the look

Jumpsuit:Topshop. Jacket: Misguided. Belt: Nordstrom Trouve. Shoes: Zara.

This cute jumpsuit comes with a denim belt, which is also cute. but, I just love this Trouve belt and thought it would be a fun addition. In a perfect world, I would love if this jumpsuit was a little tighter of a fit. However, I ended up buying this jumpsuit on a whim one day, after ripping my jeans, lol. You’re welcome!

Have a powerful week!


Steffanie Monae

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