How to Transition Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall 

I know I’ve bragged about the lovely weather in the bay. And, some of you have heard enough! But, hear me out. Since the Bay Area doesn’t have “true” seasons, it can go from hot to cold in seconds. Therefore, I have learned to flex my wardrobe and shop accordingly. In this video, I share ways on how to transition your favorite summer pieces into Fall.

Does the color matter?!

Yes and no! I feel like, as of now, fashion trends have allowed non-traditional colors to work their way into our fall wardrobe. I’m a Personal stylist who loves fashion. So, I know some of the trends and style hacks I do. My clients will not. I always want my clients to dress current with their style, but also feel comfortable and confident. That said, I always come up with ways to bridge the two. A slow and steady approach for adding bright colors is to ground your Summer colors with Deeper Fall tones. For instance, pairing brights with blacks and grey is a great way to accomplish this look.


Certain fabrications screams summer or fall. For instance, the infamous, “slip anything” (yes, I know I love a good slip anything!) can sometimes look a bit summery especially depending on the color. So, pairing it with knits, can help this style, feel cozier, just like Fall. 

Mix and Match

To piggyback off fabrications, mixing and matching fashion pieces is a great way to transition into Fall. For instance, a summer skirt paired with a turtleneck (F.Y.I. turtlenecks are and still will be a big thing this Fall season) is an excellent Fall look!

To build a great assortment in your wardrobe, I recommend all my clients buy pieces that offer versatility. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good statement piece. But on the other hand, I know what it is like to have a closet full of statement pieces and nothing to wear! It’s Limiting, to say the least.

About the Looks: Video Edition

Get the looks:

Look #1: Pink Dress. Sweater: Throwback Nike, Cute Option Here. Booties. Denim jacket: Topshop Shirt: Topshop black turtleneck. Boots: Nordstrom.

Look#2: Shirt dress: Zara. Denim: Free People. Booties: oldie but goodie. Jacket: Nordstrom

Look#3: Black Turtleneck: Topshop. Skirt: better style here. Shoes: Asos White Boots. Jacket: Zara. Belt: Nordstrom.

Until Next Time!

I hope you enjoyed the video and got some great style tips! If you haven’t already, check out other blog posts! Thanks for visiting!


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