My Closet Dumped Me: Great Hacks To A More Organized Closet

My closet has officially dumped me.

As I write this, my closet and I are done, finished finito! My closet has officially dumped me. Before I go pointing fingers, I have to take accountability for the role I’ve played.

My Closet Dumped Me: Great Hacks To A More Organized Closet

For Every Piece You Toss…

You hear people say it all the time. “For every piece, you buy toss/donate an older piece of clothing.” So, Yes, I know what I should have done, but sometimes I do my own thing. And My closet decided to do the same! At 3 a.m. My closet collapsed. A very disrespectful, disruptive, abrupt departure. I guessed when you’ve had enough, enough truly is, enough! 

My Closet Dumped Me: Great Hacks To A More Organized Closet

Hacks To A More Organized Closet.

As I pick up the pieces, I’ve learned a valuable lesson, “put some respect on my closets’ name!”. In the midst of this not so enjoyable experience, I have great hacks to a more clean, functional, and happier closet. 

  1. Do you really need all of that?! – This is a question that you have to asks your self (and be real). It’s hard, I know, but it’s necessary. All of those articles of clothing are just noise! Your wardrobe will drastically improve when you purge, promise. This is a great time to get many tax breaks or a good deed certificate for donations. 
  2. Organized the rest! – Now that we have a little less, (yes, I know some of you are my spirit animals and had a hard time purging)! The fun part is here! Organize your closet by color and category. I still, unfortunately, have many clothes and like to organize in two categories; Casual and Dressed up. 
  3. Buy what you need to keep it clean- if you need containers, new hangers, etc. Invest! If I can’t see all my clothing, I tend to forget about them. I am always looking for ways to improve the look and functionality of my closet. Get my free step by step guide to a cleaner more functional closet here
My Closet Dumped Me: Great Hacks To A More Organized Closet

New Series Alert

My closet collapsing was an eye-opener for me. So, much so it prompted this new series/movement, “The New With The Old.” As a stylist, I teach people how to work with what they already own and to only add wardrobe pieces that enhance their overall wardrobe. Taking a bit of my own medicine, I will not be shopping (as much)! And, when I do shop, I have rules!

Rule # 1 must be on sale

Rule # 2 must be an add-on or a replacement piece. 

With this series, you will see my true styling skills put to the test! 

About this look:

So, this look, aside from the shoes are new, but it falls under my rules listed above, so it made the cut! I cant wait to style this Satin button up, in fun ways for Fall. Straight leg jeans are becoming my go to jean, so when I saw this jean, in this great, Fall color (and perfect for spring! yes, i’m always thinking of creative ways to wear the pieces I have) I had to have them!

My Closet Dumped Me: Great Hacks To A More Organized Closet
My closet has officially dumped me.

Get The Look:

Shirt: Topshop. Denim: Topshop. Shoes: F21 (old, but HERE’s a similar pair and another HERE). Turban: Similar HERE. Sunglasses: Celine.


In this season, I hope you are putting yourself, dreams and goals first! Check out previous Blog post, “Make Your No Season A Grind Season: Why it’s ok to say no!” for tips and a Freebie to get you and your grind back on track!


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