Make Your No Season A Grind Season: Why it’s ok to say no!

Make Your No Season A Grind Season: Why is ok to say no!

Hello Fall

The summer has come to an end, and it is a bittersweet emotion. I traveled, enjoyed friends, family, baby showers, weddings galore, you name it! I absolutely had a blast, and I am very grateful for all the beautiful moments and memories God created for me to experience. That being said… I’m tired!

I Promise, It’s OK

You can not tell me I am the only one, slightly (over) joyed to wear killer Fall fashion and get back to my regularly scheduled program! Sorry, not sorry! This is now the Season of NO! It is, I promise, okay to just say no! Overcommitment is real y’all!

No Season

This “No” season does not come in vain! My no season is my grind season! When you say no more, it opens more Yes’s for you! Summer bodies are made in the Fall/Winter Seasons (So they say!). Whatever slogan you need to get amped the “F-up” about choosing you, get it!

Formulate A Plan

Coming off of my crazy whirlwind of a summer, thing’s like a schedule, matter! Just to get slightly back into the swing of things I created a quick and easy daily to-do/ planner to help whip me back into shape. Also, those who know me know me, know that if I didn’t write it down or plan for it. Not only did it not happen but it’s not going to happen!

Make Your No Season A Grind Season: Why is ok to say no!

Tips + Tools That Help

My, ” Just Say No” worksheet is a basic means to help jumpstart your Fall season. I like to pair it back to my daily planner, google calendar and Asana app ( i know, I’m a nut)! But, I suggest if you aren’t already, then you really should put one or all of these tips in place… TODAY!

About The look:

I’ve mentioned before I have started to be more mindful of a thing called, a budget. So, ya girl got these pieces on sale! Recently too, so if your reading this to date (thank you!)! And, you still may be in luck, my love! It might not be too late to snag these pieces at a deal. Also, for you all that know me, know I love and mostly shop at a slight few places and brands. Drum roll, please… these pieces featured today, is TopShop, Zara & ASOS! Shocker, I know!

Make Your No Season A Grind Season: Why is ok to say no!
Make Your No Season A Grind Season: Why is ok to say no!

Get The Look:

Shirt: (Nordstrom old). Blazer: Zara. Skirt: Topshop (<a href=”http://“>Similar<a href=”http://“>). Shoes: ASOS. Necklace: Anthropologie. Earrings: F21 (old).

Love and Blessings!
Steffanie Monae’

Cop your “No Season A Grind Season” reboot worksheet here!